All of our actions involve choice. Values, or that which is worthwhile or important, evolves more slowly. Apathy is a choice lacking direction.


In choosing compassion, we can make active choices between peace and war, education and incarceration, abundance and scarcity, love and fear… What paradigm we choose has broad implications. Helping each other beyond mere survival toward a sustainable life is a major step, politically, socially, and economically. The more we can give of ourselves, the more we receive. The more we can open our hearts, the greater the inspiration created.


Sharing knowledge while building community can be a joyful act integrated into a balanced life. Seek the highest ideals through inspiration and the charisma created will be considered service offered rather than the buildup of personal ego. The more opportunity for all, the stronger the society.


We do live in a paradoxical world full of contradictions. Thus, we need to be careful of self-judgement. These are only ideas to consider in doing whatever makes us happy and fulfilled. That is our choice. I wish us all peace. Choose wisely.


We welcome your active participation. Let’s work and play together for the sake of our Mother Earth, nourishing and providing for all life.