UnifiedCommunity.info is conceived as a community union of individuals, groups, organizations, companies, and municipalities working together from their local base, region, nationally or internationally, for the benefit of all. Such a community union enables all communities to proactively address their infrastructure needs and economic prosperity, while preserving local sovereignty.


This greater community, the UnifiedCommunity, must address the entire range of services required for healthy, sustainable, and viable communities everywhere. A UnifiedCommunity therefore promotes: appropriate technology; clean, renewable energy; public libraries and education; health care services; safe working conditions; protection of our soil, air, and water; local autonomy and individual privacy rights. A UnifiedCommunity endorses policies and procedures that establish decent standards of living while protecting and conserving our natural resources.


To achieve these goals suggests then a public forum, such as an Internet site of links, where individuals from different communities can address the issues at hand and provide solutions. This is especially important, too, for sharing successes. Indeed, there must be a way whereby the successes of communities can be made publicly available so that others who are facing the same challenges can readily learn from them. This, then, implies a community listing of those in the UnifiedCommunity where challenges and successes are presented. Such a site would also chronicle the activities of progressive social groups all over the world.


All of this is possible, and achievable, if the UnifiedCommunity sets these goals as priorities rather than having to direct all the energy of our society into a war economy. There are choices we have to make concerning our prosperity, freedom, and our future, or we subjugate our power to a State that is squandering the means of our livelihood and precipitating the decay of our communities. There is too much corporate lobbying in collusion with governmental greed at the expense of public welfare, health, and safety. We need to make wise and viable choices and advocate programs of genuine social betterment.


Through a UnifiedCommunity we regain local sovereignty of our water, soil, and air. UnifiedCommunity would give communities the tools for holding corporations accountable for the pollution of our environment. Special interests that continue to promote non-renewable energy and unsustainable practices have contributed to the predicament we find ourselves in today. Public accountability on local, state, and federal issues must be open to view. Transparency is essential.


With the concept of UnifiedCommunity, we are developing a vision of economic prosperity, health, and safety for all. Local sovereignty imbued with compassion and fairness is true security. With peace in our heart, clarity of purpose, and the welfare of our community in mind, we can move forward toward a vision that we know is possible.