Unified Community is a free-flowing, content-driven, website on the wide-ranging theme of sustainability.


How can community be shared? Through Internet contacts and links, book stores, coffee shops, natural food stores, media guilds, events, festivals, local calendars, non-commercial radio, community TV, community centers, bulletin boards, environmental centers and organizations, non-profits, and outreach groups.

See the concept behind Synergy Party by going to the Community section of the Unified Community website.


Emissaries of Unified Community foster cooperation and create opportunity. Like a circulatory system, they carry ideas and information back and forth from their communities, bioregion, or other web sites worldwide to the central heart of Unified Community. Emissaries of Unified Community are its life blood: arteries going forth and veins returning, as ideas originating with Unified Community and those gathered from their efforts come full circle.


These messengers both learn and teach about sustainable community. They can see the broad picture presented by the wide range of relevant web sites on the Internet, of groups, and of other participants who wish to be an active part in this vision. Emissaries may be working on their own projects, yet have many associates in the broader system of Unified Community. On the Unified Community Internet site they can share websites, email, and links, as they grow together and promote positive ideals. More success among participants of Unified Community can create a greater union of purpose.