Unified Community.info is a compendium of energy, environmental, land stewardship, social, political, community, independent media, & cultural resources & websites dedicated to the cause of sustainability, restoration, &  awareness in which we as individuals or groups can find both relevant information & long lasting practical solutions to pressing issues. This site provides tremendous networking possibilities in the whole trend of transformative, new paradigm thought, both locally & internationally.


The site is a synergy of linked categories and subcategories of sites where the focus can range from local to international. This interconnection of links (at approximately 1,000) literally opens out to perhaps hundreds of thousands of other useful and educational links, and we hope that this will do its part in encouraging creatively inspired action on the critical issues facing us. It is not necessary to assume agreement among all the sites listed. What is important is to provide exactly this kind of access to them and to appropriate what we find useful. The site will be a continually evolving process, as our intention is to provide an up-to-date tool on the Internet to improve, illuminate, & inspire greater communication among all.


Hopefully, over time, different people will take interest in coordinating a topic and keeping it current. We also hope to get original writings to archive on all the categories. More and more depth is revealed through a staggering number of links, initiating whole series of connecting links which can lead a person into what unique directions these ‘rabbit holes’ or searches may lead. We will let the process unfold organically. Free content is also important as a public service. We are not asking for any pay per view and have kept cheap ads and fluff off our site.


Unified Community.info is really about providing a compedium of hope. We do look for healing and change in the hearts of people for peace. For with peace, compassion, and clear direction, new inroads can be made into building a better, more just, and saner world, one we all know is possible right now.


Feel free to make recommendations of new sites and to engage in participation. We appreciate any reciprocal linking. After all, free access to the Internet is vital and empowering. Please inform us of any link problems, especially if you find any that are no longer active.