Synergy party (2002 – 2003) was created by Joey Shepp & Paul Gaylon. The purpose was to organize an enjoyable evening where non-profits and various projects and organizations could tell their story and answer some questions in  about 10 minutes. We often had 10-12 presentations in an evening to illustrate the value of what is going on in the community. The small admission was seed money to some of the organizations to illustrate community support. Music would begin and end the event with tea being served by Nub Chai or Amazon Herb at the Union (formerly known as the Jahva House).  The old, large  coffeehouse  had an outdoor patio. Events were packed and enjoyed by all. The Union graciously provided a wonderful place for these magical events. The media table was a place where the public could leave cards and literature of their projects, or find useful information.

The Synergy Part showcased “deep roots”, to know the depth and growing public awareness of  projects that exist locally. Establishing the value of each project in the community provided a forum to be acknowledged and heard.  How important that is in today’s world!  We hoped to spread this concept to other towns & cities . Approximately a half dozen places continued the concept for a while, mostly in the San Francisco Bay Area. I would be gratified to see this idea spread to other places.  This timeless concept could be revived, hopefully in your community.

















Synergy Party June 11

Synergy Party June 11




















Synergy Party – Poem by Ron Lampi
brainchild of
Paul Gaylon & Joey Shepp


Like, what’s up?
You say
there’s another new thing happenin’
in The Cruz?


Well, you gotta tune in, check out
the new networking of something hot is happening here
with Synergy Party—
Started in 2002,
a whatever occasional, sometimes monthly affair,
perhaps—who knows—they’ll get to be
quite regular, even—
Consider them
your kind’a party,
what you yourself might think to do
to foster the informed community,
bringing a diversity
of persons & groups, all sorts of progressive,
socially-conscious & activist organizations,
cutting-edge environmentally-friendly businesses
to be able to
present who they are,
with their
movin’ along mini-presentations,
an all manner of sharing & introducing ourselves
& networking opportunity,
plus music & performance art & celebrating one another
sort’a gig,
a way of makin’ community
so that we
become aware
of what’s at play,
so that we might become
involved ourselves
& make somethin’ that’s evolvin’,
all of us
workin’ together,
in one way or another,
in advancing the great cause
of people
doin’ good
for the planet—
Like, it’s the synergy of it all—get it?
That parts/persons
comin’ together in creating community,
in a synthesis of how all is interacting,
is greater, something more, something perhaps novel,
something perhaps unexpected,
with new possibilities inspired,
than isolated parts or persons
could make happen
on their own—


It’s the new happenin’ thing,
& was birthed
right here,
in the Vortex


of The Cruz.


June 2003

R. Lampi