Uses of Fiber & Hemp Seed

  • Truly remarkable resource. Generates lots of biomass in a short time
  • Helps with weed pressure on land & active in crop rotation
  • Reinforced fiber oil – bicycle frames, boats, flooring
  • Strongest vegetable fiber  – strong fiber – like silk  – spun w/ cotton, flax, silk
  • Cannabis covering – tarpaulins (tarps) , tents & domes
  • Ropes slow to damage w/ salt water – long fiber
  • Tow –caulking – old ships – short fibers
  • Hurds – high cellulose, animal bedding, reinforced building blocks, fiber board insulation
  • Stalks – high cellulose, 48-60%

With  other fibers – Paper, building fiber boards, agricultural residue (could be a growing medium w/ mushroom etc.)

Transition from hydrocarbons -> agricultural carbohydrate

Packaged forms – more oil, molded, reusable – boats, skateboards, surfboards, bamboo, hemp



  • Blends of hurds w/ oil – plastic quality of seed oil – seats, dashboard panels, molded plastics – cars
  • Hemp Shakes – buildings – working to replace fiberglass (new or remodeled roofs)
  • Bicycle hemp reinforced fiber, building materials, isochanvre, mineralization,  fluffy cellulose blocks w/ felt
  • Soundproofing & Insulation products
  • Paper – archival & printing, fiber tissues, huge business – cigarette paper – France & Spain
  • Textile Mills – Jobs – softening hemp
  • Fabrics – Yarn, Cordage (parachutes), Jewelry, Macrome, terrycloth, socks, carry bags & backpacks, luggage
  • Cardboard – lower volume, corregated cardboard, higher value, sanitary papers, tissues, diapers
  • Cloth – every article of clothing, shoes, computer cases & briefcases spun w/ flax, cotton, silk
  • Geotextiles  – mating pots for plants, outdoor mats, erosion netting for slope stability, rooftop gardens, packaging forms like cardboard, carpet underlayment, compressed fiber
  • Fiber can be laminated into “wood” structure


Soils – Repairs damaged topsoil. Outgrows weeds, transition crop to organics, improves soil, weed control, compost, fixes nutrients, some N2 to soil, crop rotation, seed cake, mulch, fiber stalk (pulverized), bio-char w/ stalks at end of cycle, garden products

By-Products – using existing or modified machinery – create far more crop value (profile sheets)

Plant – repellant & pesticide (natural) applications, windbreak, bird & wildlife habitats, water restoration – creeks, streams,

Moldable Plastics – Cellulose & polyconcrete from resin fiber (could be mixed with other fibers), cellulose food stock

  • Extruded – car dashboards, lignocellulose
  • Liquids act as glue
  • Hemp logs
  • Pyrolsis – burn –fuel – carbon neutral
  • Could make biochar (for garden) from hemp dust – milling or compost, chopped twigs – burn w/ O2
  • Most practical biomass – add O2


  • Good for fish food
  • Considered superior tonic – Ming Dynasty – 1500 AD
  • Roasted seed – then boiled & mashed
  • Analysis – Protein, EFA’s, minerals, fats, fibers (see analysis sheets), links


  • Healing, massage, body care, hair care, burns, chapping, facial creams – great addition to formulas. Has 2% GLA – massage oil
  • Lowers cholesterol & blood pressure
  • Lubricates  intestines, burns, bedsores, dry throat, dryness
  • Butter substitute, hemp milk, salad dressing, spreads, dips, dairy substitute
  • Dehulled (shelled or hulled hemp) – breaded sauce, stable protein, high aminos, nutritional bars, porridge, nut butter, toppings

Seed Cake – After oil is pressed – still is protein – animal feed (nourishing), whole seeds (birds)

Flowers – Medicine – immune System – Glaucoma, Stress, Anxiety, Sleep, Opens blood, digestive system

Second Pressed Oil

  • Varnish, shallac, paints, lubricants, inks, resins, garden tools, cabinetry
  • With Orange oil – sealant, interior furniture, woodwork, putty, floors – made with kaslin clay etc., lineleum, lamps, chain lube – bicycles,
  • Film – helps drying – paints, sealants, varnish

Food Uses – Products – Used hulled seed, Chocolates, Recipes

Skin Care – Hemp – Skin care, creams, lotions, hair care, soaps, lip balms, moisturizers, skin salves, plumps skin

Conditions helped – colitis, diverticulitis