Unified Community.info  broadens a forum of knowledge through the many high content website links. This brings forth deeper community connections to foster a more dynamic culture.


New paradigm thinking, exposes information for consideration, understanding & evaluation. Focus is on what is working and what needs improvement. The purpose is understanding, expansion, education, resources & action,. This is all free – no sign in, no commerce, just information in the form of about 100 categories and 2000+ links, (left column) including new idea concepts, pod casts, forums, talks, blogs, videos, & articles. Major topics include:  Bio Materials & Fuels, Community Alliances, Culture, Calendar, Earth including Soil, Air & Water Care, Education & Science, Farms, Food & Agriculture, Permaculture, Green Building, Holistic Health, Hemp, Internet, Independent Media Arts & Commentary, Politics, Renewable Energy, Social Justice. I am pleased to be a curator of this constantly changing, developing & expanding web site as we seek useful content on a regular basis.


Unified Community.info is conceived as a community union of individuals, groups, organizations, companies, and municipalities, varying in scale and scope, working together from their local base, region, nationally or internationally, for the benefit of all. Such a community union enables all communities to proactively address their infrastructure needs and economic prosperity, while preserving local sovereignty.


This greater community, the Unified Community, must address the entire range of services required for healthy, sustainable, and viable communities everywhere. A Unified Community therefore promotes: appropriate technology; clean, renewable energy; public libraries and education; health care services; safe working conditions; protection of our soil, air, and water; local autonomy and individual privacy rights. A Unified Community endorses policies and procedures that establish decent standards of living while protecting and conserving our natural resources.


We choose sites that are appropriate for the intention behind Unified Community. Feel free to bookmark, suggest forum concepts, research and links to this metasite.We welcome your participation. Search on…


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