Paul’s Pickle Recipe


  1. Use organic, thinner, pickling cucumbers from a Farmer’s Market or other organic sources. These cucumbers will best fit into a pickling jar.
  2. Use 1 quart, ½ gallon, or 1 gallon wide-mouth Mason/Ball/Kerr jars.
  3. Make a brine with purified water and Himalayan salt. Use about 3-4 tbsp of dissolved salt rocks per quart. To make the brine, soak the salt rocks in purified water. When the salt content is 26% of the brine mixture, the water saturates out.  You can add more water if necessary. Be careful not to use too much salt in pickles.
  4. I like to add 1 squeezed lemon or lemon juice, whole dill, and caraway seeds. Other options are to add spring onions and cumin seeds.
  5. Put the cucumbers in the jar & add the brine. Let the brine surround the whole cucumbers. Let the jars sit for 2-4 weeks and check periodically to decide when ready.
  6. The pickles will be ready when they are crunchy yet pickled throughout by the brine.
  7. Refrigerate and enjoy!