Hello Paul,


Your resource: unifiedcommunity.info/food.html is great! I have been researching with my class (I am a home economics teacher) on fruits and veggies and the benefits for our overall health and nutrition! The kids and I work interactively, almost as if they are building the lesson plan with me. In this process, we go online together (we have new classroom technology that allows me to be online and interactive with the kids in the front of the classroom – it’s cool) and have been researching about lesser known fruits and veggies, which I think intrigues them.


During the process of researching, the kids and I ran across your website – they loved it! We have been composing a list of resources about fruits, veggies and any other type of interesting information regarding the foods we eat that we happen to run across and we have been looking at your site often.


I was wondering if you wanted to possible include a few sources we found interesting and useful on your site as well. I would love to show them that they contributed and that their research was proven useful to others out there in the big “world wide web”.  Some of the resources we enjoyed are:


“Berry Fruit Guide”



“Edible Wild Plants”



I was also thinking of them an end of the month party after we’re done for this unit to show them that their hard work paid off. When children are motivated with a goal it really does encourage learning and growth.


Happy 2012,

Mrs. Kennedy