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  • Hemp, Hemp Hooray Video – Paul Gaylon & LB Johnson – The Growing Industrial Hemp Market, 1999, 58 min film on industry, UFO Video –
  • The Hemp Solution: For a Sustainable Future – Sol Ramana Clarke, 93 min – Revised & Updated documentary of The Hemp Revolution.
  • Bringing It Home: Documentary (You Tube) by Industrial Hemp Solutions, 2014. Bringing it Home
  1. Hemp Today – Ed Rosenthal, Quick American Archives, Oakland, Ca, 1994 – Comprehensive archived articles on all aspects of Industrial Hemp worldwide. Essential capsulized info.
  2. Hemp Lifeline to the Future – Chris Conrad,  Creative Xpressions. BACH, Los Angeles, Ca, 1993 – A vision of how hemp can be integrated into our lives, communities, & world economy
  3. Hemp for Health – Chris Conrad, Healing Arts Press, Rochester, Vt., 1997 – Medicinal & Nutritional Uses of Cannabis Sativa
  4. The Cultivation of Hemp – Dr. Ivan Bocsa, Michael Karus, Hemptech, Sebastopol, Ca,  – Botany, Varieties, Cultivation, Harvesting; an expert guide for farmers interested in growing hemp as a profitable rotation crop,
  5. Hemp Horizons,  – Comeback of the World’s Most Promising Plant – John Roulac & Hemptech, Chelsea Green Publishing, 1997
  6. The Emperor Wears No Clothes – Jack Herer, Van Nuys, Ca,  1985 – The Authoritative Historical Record of the Cannabis Plant, Marijuana Prohibition, & how Hemp can save the world. Editors –Chris Conrad, Judy Osburn, Ellen Kemp, Jeremy Stout
  7. Yearbook of the United States Department of Agriculture – Lyster Dewey, U.S. Govt. Printing office, 1913, very thorough, Lyster Dewey (botanist) in charge of fiber-plant integration – excellent monograph; a beacon of information. Also in Hemp Today;,  & Emperor Wears No Clothes,
  8. Journal of Industrial Hemp – Dr. Hayo  van der Werf,, Amsterdam, Holland,  2002, – Literature review, Agronomy, & crop physiology of fiber hemp. Very informative, Many fine writers. Subscription, Articles in Hemp Today,
  9. Hemp Husbandry – Robert Nelson, Rex Research, Jean, Nevada, 2000
  10. Industrial Hemp: Practical Products from Start to Finish – John Roulac, 1995,
  11. Hemp Foods & Oils for Health –Gero Leson, Petra Pless w/ John Roulac,
  12. Nutritional & Medicinal Guide to Hemp Seed – Ken Jones, Rainforest Bot. Lab, BC, Can, 1995
  13. The Great Book of Hemp – Rowan Robinson, Park Street Press, Rochester, Vt., 1996
  14. Medical Marijuana Handbook – Ed Rosenthal, Dale Gieringer, Tod Mikuriya, M.D., Quick American Archives, Oakland, Ca, 1997
  15. Cannabis Indications – Martin Martinez, Lifevine Publications, Santa Rosa, Ca 1998
  16. Fats that Heal, Fats that Kill by– Udo Erasmus, Alive Books, Summertown, Tn, 1993
  17. Energy Farming in America by Lynn Osburn, Access Unlimited, 1996
  18. Hemp World, Hemp Magazine – Archived magazines no longer in print
  19. Marijuana Medicine: A World Tour of the Visionary & Healing powers of Cannabis
    –Christian Rätsch, Healing Arts Press, Rochester, Vt, 1998

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