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Note: Below is a list of  what a hemp farmer can learn by viewing the links under the Links menu on this website and choosing the Hemp categories. The lists below are not links; they are information describing what can be learned from viewing the websites and information under Links->Hemp. The person using this site needs to look at all the sites under Hemp to determine what they need. The sites are very educational and it is well worth viewing all of the links. A lot of time went into preparing this information. They are categorized by simple descriptions. Many sites have common themes.



  • Botany, Research, History, Feasibility of Project
  • Pilot Programs, Preparation, Guidelines, Licensing, Cost
  • Seed Stock, Cultivars, Selection, Sowing, Varietal Characteristics, Seed Trials
  • Spacing Requirements, Ground conditions, Soil requirements, Fertilization
  • Breeding – Plants & Selection, Genetics, Pathology, Climate Requirements, Seed Bed Prep
  • Logistics, Topography, Seed or Fiber Stock, Crop Physiology, Plant Density, Fertility
  • Crop Rotation – Cereal Grasses, Legumes, Vegetables, etc.
  • Hemp Impact on Soil, Aeration, Varieties of Hemp, Nutrient Aggregation


  • Processing, Harvest & Chipping Machinery, Schlichten Decorticating Machine
  • Equipment: Existing, Developing, Modified, Prototype Design
  • Weed Strategy, Resistance to Pests & Disease, Competitive Advantage, Management
  • Impact on Environment, Non-Polluting Systems
  • Seeded Acreage, Storage issues, Production Scale

Hemp Directions & Production

  • Quality of Product (Growing to Drying)
  • Transport, Distribution, Wholesale, Retail, Finished Goods to Market, Job Possibilities
  • Uses,  By-Products & Multi-value scenarios
  • Manufacturing, Niche & Commercial Markets, Concepts to Finished Products
  • Fiber – Using Hemp with other Crops (Fiber, Construction, Spinning, Rope)
  • Bioplastics, Oils, Reinforced Hemp Fibers & Hurds –Composites
  • Geotextiles – Mating for hillsides, Functional & Biodegradable Materials
  • Hurd – Paper, Animal Bedding, High Cellulose Sources, Pulp Technologies, Pressed Board
  • Food Oils, Hulled Seed, Nutritional, Skin Care, EFA’s, Analysis

 Future Projections

  • Jobs, Education, Web Info & Resources, Technical Support – Organization
  • Business, Entreupreneurs, Return on Investment, Infrastructure Setup, Commercial Growth
  • Places:  Industry, Trade Shows, Fairs, Wholesale & Retail Sales, Market Access
  • Clean & Appropriate Technology, Aggregate Uses with Hemp , By–product Utilization
  • Historical & Current Documents, Reports, Bibliography, Site Links, Trends, Videos, Studies


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